Recently we moved a client from a local installation of Windows Small Business Server 2003 to Office 365, including SharePoint. As we worked with our client to move years (a decade+) of data from e-mail, shared storage and SharePoint I became intimately familiar with how they grew with SharePoint over the years and how much it has helped their business. SharePoint has truly become an integral part of their business process and much of it was developed through their own internal experience using the product. Even the application we had built for them manage their schedules had morphed from our original application to support changes in their business.


SharePoint is an amazing product with lots of opportunity to change how you do business.

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Microsoft calls their SharePoint Server a business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the Web. The fact that it is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office makes it an ideal solution for many companies who are familiar with their Office product.
And SharePoint has been a smash hit for Microsoft, becoming its top performing product (estimated to be Microsoft’s first $2 billion business). Gartner research believes SharePoint Online and Office 365 will continue to grow share faster in small and midsize businesses within markets such as North America. Its improving capabilities for worker collaboration and its reliability for security is also making it an ideal platform for advanced enterprise level meeting software. Seventy-five percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint and SharePoint is a big part of the best solution for organizations that need to conduct meetings online.
Top 10 Features of SharePoint
1. Powerful, reliable server platform – designed to perform for a great number of applications and services while suffering minimal downtime
2. Powerful, fast search engine – search for documents via metadata
3. Social – create communities, follow documents, share content and save locally
4. Collaboration – co-authoring, versioning, check in/checkout
5. Flexible web server – serves up documents for different types of end-user devices
6. Content management – the design manager, multisite publishing, all improve SEO performance
7. Scalable infrastructure – build and add apps and services
8. Managing corporate risk by managing corporate documents and records
9. Workflows – Windows Azure workflow service runs separately keeping SharePoint more stable
10. Office 365 integration – The world’s standard in-office productivity is hard to ignore
With SharePoint Server as your business platform, you’re ready to take on the social sphere and enjoy cost savings with cloud hosting. Don’t forget that going paperless is just one way that we can help the environment.


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