As you know, hackers are constantly sending emails trying to phish you into clicking on a link, opening up an attachment or calling a the phone number in the email. Don’t be fooled! Below is one that is circulating now and is one of the better ones that I’ve seen in a while and likely very dangerous. Note that our advanced spam filter from MailProtector caught this one but it could easily slip through other mail systems.

This claims to be an order receipt from Office Depot and the header is setup to be completely legitimate (note this is from our spam filter so it’s showing it was obvious junk):




The content of the message contains details about your order, the phone numbers are for Office Depot but it has an Excel Spreadsheet attached. That’s a great clue because Office Depot isn’t going to send you an excel file for an order confirmation!

So, just a reminder, don’t open things that you aren’t expecting and don’t know for certain what they are. Even if you do, exercise caution and use what you’ve learned to analyze those emails for legitimacy. If there’s even the slightest question, reach out to who sent the email to confirm they sent it and aske them what it is!