About Us

In 1996, Bob McCool started Ariel Design Group with Ray Ingraham. They shared the philosophy that understanding the client’s business model and history with IT technology produced better business outcomes. Their first client was a manufacturers rep serving the dental industry, and we developed new systems for managing their relationships with manufacturers, field reps, and the local office. It connected field sales personnel to the home office through the Internet. While common today, this was very cutting edge in 1996.

They found an emerging market for smaller businesses that needed enterprise-level business IT solutions. Their business grew steadily as they established client websites, wrote software applications to manage web content (long before WordPress), and implemented a variety of systems for organizations to collaborate and work more effectively. Bob McCool eventually bought out Ray Ingraham and became the sole owner of Ariel Design Group.

In the late 1990s, Bob met Cam Marshall, who owned Marshall Information Service LLC, a custom software development company. After collaborating on a number of IT and software development projects, they realized that their clients would benefit from their combined skill sets. In 2006, they merged their companies to form arielMIS, Inc. (now dba as Ariel IT Services) They approached solving IT problems with an innovative mindset, delivering a more efficient managed service provider solution at a time when IT was a break fix industry. This new approach focused on delivering efficiency by identifying and resolving IT issues before they impacted the business.

Ariel IT Services Today

Technology is driving business today in a way it never has before and innovations continue to create both efficiencies and challenges for business. Small to midsize companies need systems that both increase productivity and reduce risk. This is best done by information technology specialists who bring a business first mindset. These efforts are complicated by a backdrop of innovative and destructive security threats requiring detailed attention to data protection and business continuity.

Ariel IT Services has grown steadily since 2006, along with the number of businesses and nonprofits we’re privileged to serve. We love helping people use technology as much as we love managing and maintaining the security of those systems. Our tagline serves as the core of that mission: “Business Professionals – IT Experts”.

Bob McCool

President, Ariel IT