Enhance your Managed IT Support

Our businessCARE™ IT service commitment means we’ll protect your system and keep it running smoothly so you can focus on your business. That’s the essence of our managed IT solution as we serve you in five critical areas.


Fully optimize and utilize the right software, hardware and work processes to make sure your system is as safe as possible. Our support includes end point security, prevention tools, proactive system monitoring and rapid recovery capabilities.

Software Applications

Ensure your software applications are meeting your business needs. We support nearly all the commonly used applications from Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit and other major providers. And if you use unique vertical market software – whether you’re in retail, manufacturing or services – we’ve worked with most of these specialty programs and their vendors, so we often can provide basic support or serve as your liaison to these providers.

Help Desk

Maintain your productivity and limit individual user or system downtown. Our technicians are available within minutes during extended business hours and on a best effort basis after hours. In addition to resolving your problems, they quickly spot trends in service requests that point to application or service issues with a particular vendor or provider. You also can arrange for a 24-7 Critical Support level of coverage.

System Monitoring

Pay special attention to the most critical elements of your system. Is your priority…

  • Keeping your Internet access or your servers up?
  • Making sure you don’t run out of disk space or memory?
  • 24/7 credit card processing?
  • Spam filtering?
  • Some other specific IT function?

Whatever is most important to you is most important to us. We’ll develop a proactive monitoring program to help ensure those areas never let you down.

Patch Management

Manage provider patches and updates on a case-by-case basis. Don’t rely on providers to tell you what patches and updates you should download and when. You shouldn’t necessarily let updates upload automatically because providers don’t know how these changes might affect other elements of your system, including your proprietary or specialty vertical market software. We’ll strategically manage your patches and updates so you can take advantage of the improvements without fear of unintended consequences

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