Mobile Security

arielMIS businessCARE™ Mobile solutions ensures that your organizations devices are secure and corporate information is protected. Our Mobile Device Management features provide the appropriate level of security to ensure that the users, devices, applications and data are protected.

As you think about how devices are being used to access your corporate resources take into consideration the following list of security options. Prospective clients typically come to us to help them determine what type of security they have in place for Mobile Devices (if any) and what things they should consider to minimize risk and increase productivity with Mobile Devices.

User Security

  • Authenticate users with directory based authentication to the network
  • Require strong passcodes for user access to a device
  • Automatic wipe when security fails

Device Security

  • Individual, group or corporate policies
  • Corporate, employee-owned or shared devices
  • Device passcode with configurable complexity and length
  • Enforce restrictions on many aspects of a device including applications, changes and updates
  • Automatic actions if a device is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised
  • GPS tracking to find a lost or stolen device
  • Perform a remote device wipe or lock

Application Security

  • Restrict applications on a device such as YouTube or the device Camera
  • Whitelist or blacklist applications
  • Enforce application compliance policies and monitor status
  • Disable access to corporate apps if a device is compromised or access to corporate data is revoked.

Data Security

  • Connect to corporate networks via encrypted connections
  • Manage user’s ability to edit, share or open files
  • Control whether a user can access corporate data over a cellular connection
  • Disable access or wipe data and email if a device is compromised or an employee has left the company

Email Security

  • Enforce device encryption and passcodes before corporate email can be accessed
  • Restrict users from exporting or opening email and attachments in third party apps
  • Disable access to corporate email if a device is compromised or an employee has left the company

Network Security

  • Visibility into all devices enrolled in businessCARE™
  • Configure certificate-based access to corporate Email, VPN and Wi-Fi networks
  • Automatic deployment of VPN connections
  • Block unknown devices from connecting to corporate networks


  • Enforce compliance policies and set up automated actions for non-compliant activity
  • Create rules for non-compliant passcodes, encryption status, OS and applications
  • Monitoring and notifications of compliance issues using Email or SMS
  • Automatically block access to corporate resources or wipe corporate profiles or the entire device
  • Install a profile automatically upon compliance violation
  • Re-install assigned profiles and apps without user interaction when the device is compliant again