Leigh-Ann works with leaders of companies to enrich their employees’ experience. She helps them by advancing their hiring and onboarding programs, conducting experiential team sessions and facilitating meaningful leadership development programs.

Leigh-Ann explains that ideally, the employee journey is aligned with the company’s vision, mission and values. As this image depicts, employees experience the company from left to right following the red arrows, and the company develops their people systems from right to left, following the yellow arrows.

Let’s look at the employee’s experience. Once they are hired they experience a (90-day) onboarding process, which is when clear expectations are set on how to perform well in their role and thrive within their team. Their individual goals are aligned with the company’s, so they can see exactly how they contribute to its overall success.  They are held accountable not just to performance but also to living the company’s values as they conduct their work. As they grow into a leadership role, they learn the company’s approach to developing and coaching others to perform at their best. They are then responsible for holding others accountable to meeting goals while remaining aligned with the company’s values.

To see the company’s process, let’s follow the yellow arrows. It all starts with clearly articulating the vision, mission, values of the organization as well as the overall objectives. With these in mind, the company leaders formulate their philosophy for people development. This starts by answering such questions as, “Do we intend to promote from within? If so, how will we develop our leaders and build bench strength?” Processes and systems can then be put into place to hold people accountable to each step of the strategy.  Managers establish goals for people on their team that directly align the company’s goals, and these are communicated during the onboarding process.

It takes time and intention to align every aspect of your ‘people system’ and Leigh-Ann supports you through that process. Here are a few programs she offers.

 Featured Programs

Horse Power Leadership™

As humans and horses are both herd animals, horses have a lot to teach us. They too experience hierarchies, jealousy, moods, friendships, conflict and love. This powerful, experiential course takes us to the wild west (Boulder, actually) where we throw on the boots and work with horses to learn about communication and leadership.

By observing, leading and working with the horses, we explore such questions as…

  • What does it mean to authentically communicate?
  • What is the difference between leading and influencing?
  • How important is trust?
  • Does body language really matter?

Groups join us to:

  • Spice up their leadership development program
  • Build relationships with one another
  • Work through conflict
  • Enhance communication among and between teams
  • Have fun

The Trainer’s Edge™

It takes more than being a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to be a great trainer. Having information down cold is an important attribute of a good trainer, but it’s just the beginning. This ‘train the trainer’ program is jam-packed with proven techniques, best practices that work, and opportunities to put your skills into action.

The Trainer’s Edge™ presents a complete process for creating powerful, effective training programs providing lots of time for practice. The six core modules are:

  • Needs Assessments and Planning
  • Assembling and Presenting Content
  • Creating an Environment for Learning
  • Managing Time and Energy
  • Handling Difficult Situations
  • Testing & Evaluation

Leigh-Ann shares her knowledge and best practices to turn subject matter experts into excellent trainers.


Leadership Development

The Center for Creative Leadership surveyed 300 leaders globally and found that nearly 75% of respondents said that leadership development is very important in creating competitive advantage for their organizations. Investments in leadership development allows companies to:

  • improve bottom-line financial performance
  • attract, develop and retain talent
  • drive strategy execution
  • increase success in navigating change

People are often promoted to a supervisory position because they are very good at what they do. They are excellent at sales, financial analysis, or installing sprinkler systems, and their manager wants to reward them, so they promote them. They will thrive in their new role when the company invests in the development of their management and leadership skills. This may be through a formal leadership program, mentoring, coaching or a combination of all these and more. Leigh-Ann helps design leadership programs that align with the mission, values and objectives of a company.

To connect with Leigh-Ann you can email her at laz@alignedperformance.com or call 303.981.9088.