A graphic designer for more then a quarter century, Daryl McCool of d.a.m. Cool Graphics has provided professional graphic design services on a full spectrum of projects. Her experience includes serving as Art Director for Gaiam, in Louisville, CO after which she started d.a.m. Cool Graphics an independent graphic design firm whose focus has been to champion brand standards and produce exceptional creative assets for clients.

Daryl is life long artist who loves to work with community and creative projects. Daryl worked closely with her son’s school to create an outdoor classroom and co-founded Positive Playground Initiative. She has spent years in civic engagement, helping to guide the design of local parks and playgrounds and is currently Chair of Superior’s Cultural Arts and Public Spaces Committee (www.artinsuperior.com), a new initiative to bring art to the Town of Superior.  She is an avid gardener and rabid recycler who grew up in rural Vermont. In her spare time she makes super hero capes and accessories with a 1932 Franklin sewing machine.