Since we are talking about VoIP in our Blog this month it seems appropriate that the Tech Tip be about a cool (and Free) VoIP technology. is exactly what it says. And, having used it a few times recently I was shocked at what you get! It’s Flexible, It’s Straightforward and It’s Secure! You can Host a Conference Call using a dial-in number using dial-in numbers in 71 countries followed by an access code. Collaboration is also free to host online meetings (Video Conferencing and Screen Sharing). And my favorite part was the call control features to manage the call from the web interface. Call Control allows you to set the conference mode (lecture, Q&A or muted) and see who is talking and mute individual lines. So, if someone has a barking dog in the background you don’t have to wait for them to mute the phone, you already know who’s dog it is! 🙂

Call Recording is also a great feature for later playback. Breakout Rooms allow participants to leave the main conference and join a sub conference for a small group session and discussion. Free Video Conferencing for up to a 1000 participants. Screen Sharing, Drawing Tools, Remote Desktop, Chat. Studio Presentation allows you to record a presentation in Studio to play back during a conference, or share a link to the recording. The Meeting Wall allows you to create a personal meeting room with a custom URL, profile photo, company logo and description. Also upload and share meeting information and access web controls, recordings and more. Meeting Wall also allows you to use the Radio feature to reach a larger audience using the feature to stream conferences live over the Internet. And additional useful features include Call Reports, A Mobile App, Integration with Evernote, Slack, Dropbox, and Calendars.

How Is Free Conference Call Really Free?
Long distance isn’t really free; it’s just prepaid. Every time you connect to a different network, your phone provider pays that network’s provider a fee, and that cost gets rolled into what you pay as part of your monthly bill. makes money because it has agreements with various phone networks to receive a portion of those fees when its users call.

And, just in case you haven’t figured out how to get there and sign up, go to