I love Keyboard Shortcuts. Every time I have to reach for the mouse to do something I wonder if there is a shortcut to make that step a little faster. Mastering shortcuts in Office Products is a great way to save a little time everyday! These are a few shortcuts I use everyday as well as a link to Microsoft’s full list of Outlook shortcuts.

Creating new items (Appointments, Message, etc) – Pretty much where ever you are in Outlook you can use these shortcuts

      • Ctrl+Shift+M Create a message
      • Ctrl+Shift+A Create an appointment
      • Ctrl+Shift+C Create a contact
      • Ctrl+Shift+Q Create a meeting request
      • Ctrl+Shift+K Create a task
      • Ctrl+Shift+N Create a note
      • Ctrl+Shift+H Create an Office document (This is an interesting one as it doesn’t have a lot to do with Outlook but if you’re in Outlook and want to quickly start a new document, this will do it!)

    Navigating quickly around in Outlook

      • Ctrl+1 Switch to Mail view
      • Ctrl+2 Switch to Calendar view
      • Ctrl+3 Switch to Contacts view
      • Ctrl+4 Switch to Tasks view
      • Ctrl+5 Switch to Notes

To learn more about all of the shortcuts available in Outlook visit Microsoft’s Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts. From here you can see different versions of Outlook and their corresponding shortcuts. While you’re visiting the shortcuts page at Microsoft notice the breadcrumb menu at the top (Outlook / Get Started / Accessibility / Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook). Each of those is a link that takes you back through the Outlook articles and documentation. You can learn even more about Outlook and it’s features by looking through the Outlook Help Center.