Custom Software

Well designed databases simply organize and provide access to an organization’s data in ways that support its business processes and objectives. One of the greatest advantages of having data organized in this manner is that repetitive, time consuming and complex tasks are performed by computers, allowing people to do work they prefer.   

Clients normally come to us with symptoms of problems which include:

  • Difficulty using their current database
    • Inaccuracies or frustration during data entry
    • Difficulty accessing information in a useful format
    • Tasks that are not handled by the database
  • Numerous spreadsheets/documents being used to track data
  • Information being double/triple entered
  • Inability to use or analyze data from an off-the-shelf software package 

Together we sort through your symptoms to discover their cause, which puts us in a good position to determine an effective solution. Whether helping you choose an off-the-shelf application, an add-in to your current software or developing a custom software application we will do our best to develop a solution whose power is derived from being simple, useable, intuitive and exactly what your business process requires.   

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