Hosted Applications

Be in the Cloud and Stay in Colorado

arielMIS helped clients operate in the Cloud before it was even called the Cloud. The primary concern we hear as clients consider switching is the security and reliability of their data.  They want to know where their data will be and in some cases to visit the data center personally. Our businessCARE™ hosting clients enjoy all the benefits of Cloud computing while utilizing a local, trusted provider. They get the best of both worlds, operating in the Cloud while their data remains local.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is simply having your data and/or applications reside on a server located in a data center outside your organization’s offices. Your applications and data are available from any location with internet access. The primary advantage of the Cloud is that in-house servers are no longer necessary.

What are the benefits?

  • Lower start-up and maintenance costs
  • Reduced software costs
  • Reliable backups and virus protection
  • Access to data from any location.

Is the Cloud right for you?

Instead of feeling uncertain about the decision whether or not to move to the Cloud why not do what our client’s have done? Put your mind at ease as we help you make an informed decision for your organization. Let us explore your current situation, goals, growth plan and overall business strategy while providing you with options, pros, cons and the cost of each potential solution. Know up front what to expect for ongoing maintenance and take the surprises out of your decision.

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