Email Security

Block Junkmail and Virus before it enters your network!

arielMIS Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus service is a hosted service designed to block up to 99 percent of spam and viruses before they reach your computer or your networks internal email server. With arielMIS comprehensive spam detection, integrated anti-virus and content filtering we stop spam and malicious email before it enters your network. The end result for your business is higher productivity for your employees, more storage capacity on your email server and a significant reduction in the number of threats that cause unnecessary downtime and cleanup costs.

Things you may be considering for your organization

  • Filtering all email before it enters your corporate email system
  • Providing support for corporate email systems such as Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Protecting your email system with Anti-Virus protection to deletes emails with viruses
  • Implementing Anti-Spam protection to delete or filter email before it reaches your network including:
    • Options for personalized junk mail management
    • Central administration
    • Automatic deletion of junk mail messages after a preset amount of time

To learn more about how our enterprise level Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus service can make a difference for your business contact us today. 303-415-0266 x2