Data Center

Local, Secure, Redundant, Cool, Reliable

Everything that is important to you and your hosted Equipment, Virtual Server, Website or Hosted Application.

Our Data Center presence is located in Boulder County where we have 24×7 access to your equipment, virtual servers, websites and hosted applications. Our facility is located in a state of the art data center with features you can depend on for the most demanding systems.


Our Data Center presence is built to be secure, efficient, and safe. All access is monitored by closed circuit cameras and entry is regulated by key card locks in addition to 24×7 onsite security personnel to protect your equipment and hosted business systems.


With multiple high speed connections to the Internet as well as battery and generator backup you can rest easy that your hosted systems will be accessible when  you need them to be.

Cooling Systems

Every detail has been considered using innovative cooling techniques designed to keep your equipment at the right temperature for optimal life. Cool equipment means longer life and less downtime.


With businessCARE, arielMIS’ Managed Services product, you can be confident that your equipment, virtual servers, websites and hosted applications will be well maintained, keeping problems to a minimum, and that unexpected issues will be corrected in an efficient manner.

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