Benchmark IT

How do you know if your IT is optimized for your business? Our assessment takes the guesswork out of IT planning and performance. It begins with an automated tool that checks the health of your network, identifying risks and opportunities. The second part of the assessment is a physical review of the network and examination of equipment. Finally, our assessment experts take the time to understand your business’s unique IT needs through staff interviews. The results of the automated tool, inspections and interviews are combined to provide guidance on security and future planning.

The following areas are available for deeper analysis:

  •         Security
  •         Licensing
  •         Network infrastructure
  •         Cloud Services
  •         IT Policies
  •         Mobile Devices
  •         Remote Access
  •         Applications

Ready to benchmark your IT against best practices and your business’s needs? Call us today at 303-415-0266 or you can fill out the form below.

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