Mobile Device Management

With the increasing capabilities and affordable cost, the use of personal mobile devices to conduct company business has become an everyday occurrence in most organizations. The BYOD or “bring your own device” to work model continues to gain momentum and is expected to only get stronger. Whether devices are personally owned or company provided, employees are happy to enjoy the benefits of remote connectivity without concerns of the possible threats to corporate IT networks or the security of the data being accessed or stored on the device. At arielMIS, we are aware of the benefits and risks of using mobile devices in business. The availability of remote connections and virtually instant access to corporate data improves employee productivity. However, our clients find themselves concerned about the threats and risks to the integrity of sensitive data from mobile device access to corporate networks. Many owners and responsible managers like yourself are recognizing the importance of:

  • Mobile Device Enrollment – Registering new and existing devices before allowing access
  • Mobile Device Service – Central management of all mobile devices
  • Mobile Device Security – Implementing and enforcing security policies
  • Mobile Device Configuration – Setup and authorize configurations
  • Mobile Device Tracking – Track system inventory and device types in use

If mobile devices are in use in your organization and you are wondering what devices are accessing your systems and whether access to sensitive information is secured appropriately for your organization then contact us to learn more about Mobile Device Management at 303-415-0266 x2.