Hosted Servers

Virtual Server Hosting from arielMIS provides your business the power and flexibility to deliver applications and services to your employees, customers and suppliers in today’s competitive market. Our services are designed to provide your organization with a custom dedicated Virtual Server located in our Data Center where it is highly secured, maintained and available.

Should I switch to a Virtual Server?

The best decisions whether or not to move to Virtual Servers are driven by specific business strategies and growth initiatives.

Virtual Servers make sense when there is a need for a dedicated server for hosting a web application for eCommerce, a dedicated email server for your company or a database server that supports an online store. They are beneficial if you do not want to install or maintain the sophisticated infrastructure necessary for a traditional file server. Virtual Servers are ideal when employees need to work from a variety of locations.

Virtual Servers may not make sense when………………………………………………

Why arielMIS Virtual Servers?

At arielMIS we are Business Professionals and Technical Experts. We utilize our business expertise, technical knowledge and ability to ‘talk technical’ in English to help you determine how to utilize technology to achieve your organizations objectives. With businessCARE™, our Managed Services product we make sure your technology is monitored and maintained reliably and problems are handled in a timely manner.

Our Virtual / Hosted Services encompass everything we offer at our state of the art Data Center, including onsite security personnel, multiple high speed connections, battery and generator backup, innovative cooling techniques for optimal equipment life, 24×7 monitoring and guaranteed one hour response time to critical issues. All services are fully managed through our businessCARE™approach, whether your service is hosted on our equipment or on a co-located server you own.

Our Hosted Services include:

  • Website Hosting
  • Virtual Server Hosting
  • Spam Filtering and Virus Protection
  • Email & Collaboration (Calendar, Contacts, Files and Tasks)
  • Hosted Applications

We host WordPress and Joomla for Website Content management and support common website hosting languages, such as PHP and .NET.

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