In 2007, Barbara Jaynes began her nonprofit career at a well known Denver nonprofit. As their Community Relations Coordinator she brought prominent c-suite executives to tour and meet with the Executive Director. Time and time again these opportunities were overlooked and the relationships were not developed. The nonprofit remained in survival mode and was always looking to just get the “check” with no plan for long term financial stability. Because she recognized this nonprofit’s ongoing business development failures, she established Positively-Funded;

Positively-Funded is here to assist nonprofits to think, grow and run like a Fortune 100 Company. When you hire Positively-Funded you have years of extremely successful for-profit experience working for you. Before moving to Colorado, Barbara had a lengthy career in urban shopping center development. Her passion was to change the world with her business expertise. When she moved to Colorado, she took all of her corporate savvy, negotiation skills and business development knowledge to the nonprofit sector. Barbara has leaned in hard with Positively-Funded determined to continue with her passion to change the world through smart entrepreneurial strategies.

Positively-Funded provides full scale business development services to make nonprofits, social enterprises and small business THRIVE. There are no cookie cutter plans or systematic programs with them. They create personalized strategies to match your goals and needs. From a two hour mastermind session to a full time project we are your partner for success.